Cape Town: 2 - 4 June 2017

Johannesburg: 28 - 30 July 2017

Durban: 27 - 29 October 2017

Sherwyn Weaich

Getting to know Chef Sherwyn Weaich

“Creating experiences through Food” with Food, Family and Friends

Concept & Style
The Gourmet Bushie is an outdoor and indoor true to life, reality cooking brand.

Who and what is The Gourmet Bushie?

The Gourmet Bushie is a brand created by Sherwyn Sean Weaich, a government school educated, township raised, coloured citizen and a proud product of the new South Africa with, “old school values.”

The Gourmet Bushie focuses on Food, Family and Friends.

Having being fortunate to travel beyond his South African home – the cradle of his culinary inspiration, Sherwyn Weaich blends his travels, family, friends and unique heritage in to the recognisable and distinct Gourmet Bushie Brand. I’ve always believed that you should,”Let food start the conversation, whether it’s that awkward first date or simply bringing family and friends together in a kitchen, the heart of the home.” -Sherwyn Weaich

With the passion to feed people good food, Sherwyn began his journey travelling across South Africa learning new cooking techniques and experiencing new flavours.


With a thirst for more knowledge Sherwyn participated in Masterchef South Africa (2012), making it to the semi-finals having successfully baked a bacon and egg soufflé on a gas Weber Braai.

Sherwyn Weaich has travelled across Europe and Southern Africa cooking alongside local and international chefs, learning and creating experiences through food. The Gourmet Bushie brand offering live cooking demonstrations and classes, having held several cooking demonstrations at the latest Internationally acclaimed Good Food and Wine Show held in CapeTown South Africa alongside Haydenn Quinn, Jenny Morris, Petrus Madutela and Reza Mohammed. In addition to hosting the Good Food and Wine Show Theatre 2014, 2015 and 2016 having cooked alongside Masterchef Australia Judges George Colombaris and Adriano Zumbo.

“Having appeared on Ultimate Braai Master, The eXpresso Show, etv Sunrise along with performances at The Internationally acclaimed Good Food and Wine Show and The East Coast Radio House and Garden celebrity Chefs Theatre for three consecutive years, and a total of 8 years at the Good Food and Wine Show, Africa’s biggest culinary festival.” -Sherwyn Weaich

Furthermore Sherwyn Weaich has worked on Ultimate Braai Master which currently airs internationally on the travel channel in more than 13 countries across 4 continents, eXpresso Show, etv Sunrise in addition to writing a weekly food column and online food blog with over 3.4 million readers, and 785 000 copies printed monthly.

Sherwyn Weaich whilst traveling prepares meals both outdoors and indoors alternating between the two highlighting the natural settings and tourism hotspots within a specific region.

“With over seven million readers and followers of The Gourmet Bushie Brand” -Sherwyn Weaich

The Gourmet Bushie brand aims to teach the viewers how to prepare and cook quality food and sharing experiences with family and friends building up society and conserving our authenticity in South African cuisine, often with an interactive kitchen calling on family recipes older than a century.

The Gourmet Bushie brand aims to promote local and international tourism with something to do on the weekend or when on vacation, by the use of stories told by Chef Sherwyn, sightings of wildlife, fauna and flora.

“Stimulating viewers and allowing them to actively participate within the show”- Sherwyn Weaich

The brand moves to recall family memories and recipes often lost by generations past. This lifestyle reality cooking brand fosters familial ties and seeks to break down barriers between racial, social and structural ties through the use of food.

Step by step instruction is given that allows the audiences to actively engage, learning how to create and build flavours within their own home, in their own kitchens.

Sherwyn Weaich directs shows and prepare meals inspired by his childhood memories and experiences created family, friends and travel.
-This concept is inspired by African teaching techniques alongside the principle of UBUNTU.

This highlights the diversity of South Africa and stays true to the notion that we are a rainbow nation and are united under one flag.

The brand aims to highlight food economy, knife skills, and helpful tips in and out of the kitchen in food preparation. Furthermore the Sherwyn Weaich has completed his cook book, bringing his euthusiastic personality into your kitchen and home.