What makes the Good Food & Wine Show unique?

The Good Food & Wine Show (GF&WS) is the longstanding most prominent event in South Africa. Our main objective is to provide sponsors, exhibitors, and partners with a valuable and unique marketing platform, allowing them to communicate directly to their target audience by showcasing their products. Last year we delivered over 60 000 visitors to our clients over the three shows.

A high standard of content is the primary focus of our new investments, as it is the best way to offer sponsors, exhibitors, and visitors the greatest value. We also introduced a new direction by dividing the show into nine areas – Market, Street Food, Gourmet, Baking, Kids, Wellness, Lifestyle, Wine and Beer & Alcohol. In addition to the nine exhibition areas and themes, there is a cross cutting theme throughout the entire show. For 2017 we chose Food Waste as it is one of the major challenges for sustainability and social growth.

Content is developed through show’s 10 major pivotal ‘legs

1. Exhibition area

GF&WS is divided in nine areas to create a more focused and interactive, experience. It’s a way to talk about food and wine from different angles as well. A new look and feel makes the show easy to visit and enjoy.

    • Market
    • Street Food
    • Gourmet
    • Baking
    • Kids
    • Wellness
    • Lifestyle
    • Wine
    • Beer & Alcohol

2. The Theatres

Theatres are one of GF&WS exclusive characteristics with their show cookings, master classes and exciting programmes. Theatres are a major attraction as visitors can see and meet their favourite celebrity chefs and sommeliers.

    • Chefs Open Theatre
    • Cooking with chefs
    • Baking Theatre
    • Cake Deco Lab
    • Kids Deco Lab
    • Eat Well Live Well
    • Wine Theatre
    • Chefs Table
    • And many more

3. The Installations

Food and wine can be appreciated in so many different ways. Foodie installations will allow visitors to have a full experience with all their senses. In the Wine Zone, for instance, the ‘wine wall’ allows everyone to discover the aroma of different wines and challenge everybody to become a sommelier in 10 minutes.

    • The elephant cake
    • The cake display
    • The wine smelling wall

4. The Headline Chefs

What would the GF&WS be without a host of the hottest chefs in South Africa and abroad? The best of international and national chefs step up to our stoves to present demonstrations, talks and workshops. In 2017 international chefs such as Marco Pierre White and Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, both Michelin star chefs, will be part of the programme.

5. The Headline Sommeliers and special guests

Where there’s food, there’s bound to be wine and spirits. Last year we introduced our new Wine Theatre to entertain and educate visitors on wine and alcohol with wineries, five-star hotels and top South African sommeliers such as Lloyd Jusa, Gregory Mutambe and Tinashe Nyamudoka to guide guests through hands-on tastings and paring.

6. The Kids’ Area and Programmes

A special attention is paid to kids and there is a programme that run throughout our theatres, a kids’ corner as well as a dedicated exhibition area. The aim of this area is to entertain and educate kids and families. Make them spend great time together and have fun. Exhibitors and sponsors have also an opportunity to showcase the best products and services relating to kids such as gadgets, foods, activities and it is a place for the family to spend time together. Our aim for the future is to grow this area even more

7. Strategic partnership and CSI projects

GF&WS collaborates with industry major players through partnerships such as media, associations and government. They bring extra value to our clients and show, which is an important and unique marketing platform for them as well. We are open and keen to collaborate with organisations, companies, government departments and private companies who want to create awareness, inform and educate the public by showcasing programmes, projects and policies related to food such as healthy and sustainable living and growth, dietary principles and processes, etc.

8. CSI Projects

Corporate Social Investment projects are also a GF&WS priority, to give back and create attention on sensible themes related to food, sustainability and biodiversity. We collaborate and support various NGO-and initiatives, such as Food Bank SA, Flavour Goods Market, StreetSmart South Africa, The Rhinos in Africa Foundation and bonhappi-T.

9. Networking dinner and the Trade element

The networking dinner usually takes place two nights before the opening of the show and is exclusively for our exhibitors, partners and sponsors. This dinner is a great opportunity to create new contacts and build long term relationships within the industry. The trade element at the GF&WS is growing; thanks also to our partners. Chefs, restaurateurs, hotels, retailers, professionals of the food and wine sector are part of a very selected audience that attend the show.

10. GFWS in brief

    • The largest culinary show in South Africa
    • A unique marketing and commercial platform
    • Great contents: content is king
    • Nine exhibition areas
    • More than nine theatres free of charge, including the Chefs Open Theatre creating extra value for visitors to come to the show enabling them to spend more money at the stands
    • Great value for exhibitors and sponsors
    • New attractions and installations
    • Big sitting areas
    • A family friendly show with a new family friendly price policy
    • A big offer of programs, chefs, sommelier and special guests
    • More than seven theatres are included in the ticket price
    • More than 14 000 free seating for each edition of the GFWS




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