Portrait of the week – Sarah Graham

It’s foodie magic!

We at the Good Food & Wine Show (GF&WS) are thrilled to announce that our 2017 television broadcast partner is none other than M-Net! Yes, South Africa’s best-loved subscription-based channel has partnered with us to bring you the most delicious food event in Africa!
It’s a great fit for the GF&WS, seeing as M-Net (which was originally called the Electronic Media Network) brings us all of today’s most popular foodie shows. In fact, it’s been delivering “the magic” all the way back since 1986!
Nowadays, you can take in reality TV shows like My Kitchen Rules. In the latest season of this series, which is hosted by judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel, selected teams compete against one another to transform their homes into Instant Restaurants. If you’d like to turn your own home into a pop-up restaurant, then why not visit our online recipe book?
Celebrity Chef Sarah Graham, who is one of the stars of this year’s GF&WS, has just concluded the airing of the second season of her own series on M-Net, titled Sarah Graham’s Food Safari. If you caught it on air, then you’ll already know that the show is very much true to its name. Distinguished local food blogger and cookbook author Sarah Graham took viewers on a delectable journey as part of her food safari across Southern Africa. If you missed Graham’s show on the small screen, don’t fret, because you can watch her live in person at the Chef’s Theatre at the upcoming GF&WS in Cape Town.
Then of course who could forget the MasterChef franchise? M-Net has just completed airing MasterChef Australia and at the moment, is screening MasterChef Junior USA Season 5. In case you aren’t familiar with the format of this reality show, M-Net describes this highly competitive cooking showdown as follows: “A fresh group of home cooks will eagerly tackle challenges that will see one of them take home the title of the next MasterChef. From different backgrounds, and with different experience, skills and cultural influences, there is one thing that unites the group – their passion for food. All 24 contestants have stepped away from life as they know it and are walking a new path towards a future in food.”
MasterChef has launched many a new career and has featured star judges, such as the inimitable Marco Pierre White, who also happens to be one of the international headline chefs at this year’s GF&WS. White was dubbed the “Godfather of Modern Cooking” by MasterChef, and for good reason. A Michelin maestro himself, he has gone on to train other Michelin chefs.
Also from the land of Oz is the simmering reality cooking show, Pressure Test. Here, the judging panel comprises the culinary kings Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston.
And if series aren’t enough to satisfy you, then tuck into a full-length feature. M-Net regularly flights movies that rank high on the cuisine scene. These include Ratatouille, Big Night, Like Water for Chocolate, Haute Cuisine and Burnt. See here for more and to watch tanatlising clips from these flicks: http://m-net.dstv.com/news/five-foodie-films
And then watch it all come to life at the GF&W+S…