What’s that? Every day should be devoted to baking? We agree! But what with our busy schedules there might not be time to perfect that apple pie or get started on those chocolate chip cookies. That’s why we all need a day on which baking is a top priority.

Roll on World Baking Day, a festive celebration of all things pastry. This year, it occurs on Wednesday 17 May, and can involve a trip to the local bakery or a fun bake-off in your own kitchen. Be sure to include friends and family as well. Like all special days, World Baking Day is best enjoyed with loved ones around you.

But this is not the only opportunity for you to indulge in sugary goods. Consider World Baking Day as a taste of what’s to come when The Good Food and Wine Show rolls into town. A regular feature on the foodie calendar, our event will take place in three different cities. And you can bet that there’ll be culinary confections galore!

Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban will play host to The Good Food and Wine Show (GF&WS) for three days, in June, July and October, respectively. Among its many features, there’ll be a Baking Theatre where you’ll experience the artistry of baking thanks to a variety of displays, demonstrations and tastings. Added to that, a worthwhile Cake Deco Lab awaits those who like their desserts to be appealing to the eyes as well as the taste buds.

The cost for access to GF&WS depends on how many days you wish to spend amidst this flurry of culinary creativity. Tickets for the Cape Town event, held from 2 to 4 June at the CTICC, are now available at Computicket, though you can pay at the door as well. Kiddies aged up to 12 years old can get in for free. Perfect really, since they’re the ones most fond of baking.

There’s plenty of sweet, wholesome fun for the whole family to enjoy this year. But don’t forget to use World Baking Day as a warm-up for our big event!