The health and wellness industry has infiltrated every part of our lives; whether it’s all those pictures of salads on your Instagram feed, the detox retreat offered by the local yoga studio, or the juicing cleanses available at your favourite health food café… Getting healthy has become a sign of our contemporary times, where stress is wreaking havoc with our mental and physical health. It is common knowledge that in our fast-paced, WhatsApp- and Social Media-obsessed, nine-to-nine world - where we sit and look at screens for most of the day - much more harm than good is being done!

Many of us start diet and health regimes to combat stress. But often, by day five, we’ve opted to stay in with takeout and the season finale of Girls - instead of making the S.W.E.A.T. 1000 class! Then, of course, the guilt that sets in makes us question, is it all worth it? Yet, come Monday morning, we’re back on the “live-my-best-life” training schedule, committing to another week of no sugar, alcohol or gluten. And so the cycle goes…

The best way to stick to a commitment to better health, is to start with what you’re eating, because fulfilling our nutritional needs is a primal act for which we’ve been hardwired. Learning to listen to these needs doesn’t require a membership, an app or a new pair of yoga pants, just mindfulness and knowing how to prepare healthy food that’s mouth-watering too.

As a health coach, author and cook, Lisa Raleigh believes that “good-for-you and tasty” is the winning combo when it comes to cultivating a balanced approach to food. Lisa will be cooking some healthy, delicious meals at this year’s Good Food and Wine Show (GF&WS), where you’ll be able to watch her in action.

As a lead-up to the show, we asked her to give us the heads-up on current health food trends, what to expect from her at this year’s event, and what her go-to health food tips are:

GF&WS: What are some of the current health food trends everyone should know about?

Lisa Raleigh (LR): All foods promoting gut health seem to be taking centre stage, with fermented foods and drinks ­– such as Kombucha tea – and natural forms of pre- and probiotics gracing every health shop counter. I have always been passionate about digestion and believe it is one of the essential, yet often overlooked, building blocks for better health. So, I'm thrilled it is finally in the spotlight.

Foods that fight inflammation are also popular, in an effort to combat chronic illness and disease, with ingredients like turmeric, cayenne pepper and veggie replacements for grains and pasta getting special attention. I personally love the new emphasis on plant proteins, as I believe these are the unsung wonders that contribute not only to our health, but the environment, too.

GF&WS: What are your everyday go-to health food choices?

LR: One of my go-to meals is a muffin made with eggs, mozzarella or feta and plenty of spinach. It’s such an easy and delicious way to up my protein quota because I don’t eat meat. When I'm home, I love smoothies and salads; the latter with some substance to them, which would include plenty of toasted seeds, halloumi cheese and often a boiled egg.

GF&WS: What can visitors to this year’s GF&WS expect from you?

LR: I’ll be demonstrating some of my favourite healthy, simple and delicious recipes. I always try to focus on meals and snacks that are good for you, kind on time and budget-friendly, but also tantalise the taste buds. For me, food must generally be nutrient-dense and tasty – not just one or the other.