The South African Chefs Association (SACA) has once again teamed up with The Good Food & Wine Show (GF&WS) for an inspiring display of culinary prowess.

SACA has proved pivotal to SA’s cooking scene thanks to its efforts in enabling the careers of numerous food lovers and aspiring chefs. Where better, therefore, for this organisation to showcase its importance than at GF&WS?

The role of chef has certainly maintained a sense of prestige throughout the years, as we’re constantly reminded when we switch on our favourite cooking show. And what with fine dining being such a popular recreational activity, the hunt for the next great Cook is ongoing.

For 40+ years, SACA has striven to train and represent numerous chefs, cooks and caterers, no matter their level of expertise. In doing so, it has ensured the preservation of excellence and integrity within the hospitality and food industries - and made quite a few dreams come true at the same time!

Among SACA’s most notable initiatives is the Centre for Culinary Excellence, which offers a variety of courses for anyone from amateur foodies to trained chefs, and boasts a library with an expansive selection of food-related material. Then there’s the SA National Culinary Team, a division of SACA, whose members are elected every four years, and which has previously represented South Africa at the IKA Culinary Olympics.

If any of you feel as if the prospect of education and involvement within the culinary industry is out of reach, then look no further than GF&WS. Over our three-day-long event, we and SACA will present a SACA village in our Lifestyle Area.

Here, SACA members will be giving cooking demonstrations, showcasing their talents and local produce to an eager audience. It’s a chance to gain some further education in culinary craftsmanship, as well as pick up a few bits of merchandise for your next cooking adventure.

Thanks to SACA, as well the contribution of our bevy of great guest chefs, this year’s GF&WS promises a mouth-watering mix of talent and inspiration.